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We are making fresh food based on traditional Vietnamese recipes. We use only fresh food from the best suppliers. Our staffs are professionals, and we make everything to leave our clients satisfied.

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Saigon Taste Vietnamese Restaurant Vancouver specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, especially Saigon flavour. With a team of chefs with many years of experience, Saigon Taste hopes to bring pure and delicious Vietnamese dishes to all customers. We put together a menu that brings the classic Vietnamese Cuisine with the authentic touch of our chefs, serving every taste and making sure every customer leaves the table with a good experience and a willingness to come back and try our other dishes.

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Always prioritizing our customers and thinking about their well being, Saigon Taste accepts online orders. It’s not only about saving time, it is about a new lifestyle. Our busy lives sometimes don’t allow us to enjoy small happy moments like having a delicious lunch with a coworker or a tasty dinner with a friend, thinking about that, now you can order online and choose when you would like to take out. Our staff is ready to receive your order and prepare you a delicious Vietnamese dish. For further information, contact us.

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Customers Say

Best service I’ve ever seen in Vancouver. Very polite staff, beautiful serving, and serving dishes. Love their noodle. I also love their music too. I really enjoy this place. Recommend!

Megan Knight

Whenever I’m in Saigon Taste restaurant. The service is very good and the servers are helpful and friendly. I love food here as well. I really recommend every one come to try!.
John Tasy

I always come to Saigon Taste for lunch and dinner with my friends and family and this is the most consistent out there. Service is always friendly, professional and attentive.
Julia Xavie